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Our vision in DFS Africa is to transform the lives of 1.2 billion Africans by providing solutions that guarantees our clients access to finance, support African economies and strengthen local businesses.

We know the challenges businesses and policy makers face in Africa due to fragmentation of markets, lack of infrastructure and access to capital. It is because of these challenges and other limitations peculiar to Africa that DFS Africa in partnership with its technology partners have developed first of its kind products that address the crux of the challenges experienced by businesses and policy makers in Africa.

DFS Africa developed the Africa to The World (A2W) portal in order to connect African businesses to financing opportunities, technology, capacity development, new markets and investments that are available globally. In the same breath the Connecting the Dots Initiative (CDI) platform was developed to introduce transparency of pricing and eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain of health products and essential medicines in Africa


Connecting the Dots Initiative (CDI)

The CDI is a platform for procuring quality and affordable essential medicines and health products. This novel and all in one platform aggregates demand and supply, ensures product standards, optimise logistics and integrate blended finance mechanisms. Read more


Achieve optimised pricing through CDI’s demand and supply aggregation feature which supports pooled procurement, guarantees standards... Read more


(Especially local manufacturers) have access to a bigger market through its demand aggregation feature, trend analysis to... Read more


Have access to data on procuring patterns, consumption volumes, market analysis etc. that aids policy implementation.

The Wider Population

More than 85% of who live on less than $5 PPP per day have access to quality and affordable health products as the CDI brand will be known... Read more


Africa to the World

The Africa to the World (A2W) platform is a DFS Africa transaction enabling portal that captures and represents the work we do within the business facilitation space in connecting African businesses to technology, capacity development, new markets and investment opportunities. Read more

Infrastructure Development and Financing

The infrastructure gap in Africa requires financing, a lot of it, but ensuring the funds available goes further is a complex process and a balancing act that only the well guided public or private... Read more

Agribusiness Value Chain

Our aim is to increase the manufacturing base of the continent. This involves ensuring that we don’t export natural resources but finished or intermediate goods. We are at the forefront of the... Read more

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

The subtle industry of Fast-Moving Consuming Goods lures the uninitiated, but it has many traps that a versatile advisory house like ours can help navigate. While margin is key here... Read more

Pharma and HealthCare Devices

We believe Africa has what it takes to take care of itself. The dependence on foreign imports and the proliferation of ineffective drugs on the continent leads to terrible health outcomes and increased... Read more

Energy and Oil & Gas Financing

Energy needs are rising. The need to also get the mix right and pivot into greener sources of energy cannot be ignored. We believe getting the balancing act right requires partnership with transaction... Read more

Commodity Trading and Distribution

Commodities are important for Africa, accounting for more than 80 per cent of exports in 35 nations on the continent. Economic growth has thus been closely correlated to resources... Read more