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Our Aim is Simple

Deliver deal value. We do this by combining financial, commercial and operational expertise with Data-driven insights to create value across the stages of the deal lifecycle.

We pride ourselves on our use of relationships and technology to drive out all the value for our clients.

Our Services

We deliver deal value via these services:

Due Diligence

This is part of our pre-deal suite. We define due diligence as practised prudence we undertake by carefully assessing associated costs and risks prior to completing transactions. Read more

Valuation & Business Modelling

This is part of our Core Deal Suite. We help our clients build effective business models to evaluate a new transaction, a new market opportunity or for capital budgeting purposes. Read more

Corporate Governance

As part of our core Deal Suite, we analyse the adherence of existing board structure to one that limits agency - principal problems, reduces conflicts of interest and optimises capital structure.

Deal Origination

While this is the crux of our Deal Suite and the resultant effect of the earlier three services, we can also help raise finance only for companies who have the right valuation and deal diligence briefs already or just execute the deal if it doesn't involve finance. Read more

Accessing Capital Markets

If your exit is via the market, we are here to help. We know and help with the appropriate domicile and the best markets to list. We ensure that the documents for listing are well prepared and operational support including reporting obligations are offered.