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Think. Deliver. Transform.

We are DFS Africa, a global Strategic Implementation firm that works across Africa to transform lives by making economies stronger, societies more stable, and governments more effective.

We work on behalf of multilateral institutions, governments, foundations and organisations that share our ambition to solve the big challenges facing the world.

Prosperity through Partnerships

Our approach to solving Africa’s biggest challenges is different because it thrives on partnerships and technology. We believe that we can achieve more in partnership with others than if we act alone. Read more

Policy Implementation

Our clients are multilateral institutions, international organisations, governments, companies, and foundations. We work collaboratively with these organisations to develop strategies and to design solutions. Read more

Business Facilitation

Our expertise allows us to transform a wide range of challenges into investment opportunities for our clients. It is our primary goal to support our clients by offering intelligence in critical market sectors of the African continent. Read more

Capital Raise

Our approach to attracting investments into critical sectors of African economies is unique in the sense that we create avenues for governments both national and local to transform policies into investable market segments. Read more