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DFS Africa is a global advisory company dedicated to transforming lives in Africa through solutions that make Africa’s economies better, strengthen local businesses and increase the effectiveness of public authorities. We support organizations and public institutions to transform programs and policies into investable projects and revenue generating.

  • Foreign Direct Investments into Africa

    Africa, with its high growth rates, burgeoning population, growing middle class, improved political and macroeconomic stability and vast tracts of arable land and attractive geology, became increasingly attractive to foreign investors with FDI inflows to the continent increasing by 22% between 2010 and 2014. Read more

  • Growth of Local Content / Expertise Across Key Sectors

    The pandemic ushered in a new wave of nationalism and an urgent wake-up call for most economies to build capacity for key items locally. Africa is not left behind. Our work in the pharmaceutical space has taken a new urgency as countries demand for increased local manufacturers. This cuts across all the verticals in which we play. Read more

  • Venture Investments Into High Growth Start Ups

    As a young developing continent, two facts can be noted about Africa, we have over 60 percent of our population below 25 and we have many problems that basic economic theories can fix. Hence, Ideas are never lacking. We, at DFS Africa, have built proficiency in promoting, funding, and scaling technologies that fix proven economic problems with favourable trends.

Over the years, DFS Africa has grown through effective partnerships as we form alliances with Governments, Technical partners, Investors, Regional partners and International organisations. Our strategic partnerships ensure that DFS Africa can continuously secure, develop and operationalise projects, businesses and transactions.