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The infrastructure gap in Africa requires financing, a lot of it, but ensuring the funds available goes further is a complex process and a balancing act that only the well guided public or private bodies can deliver as a cost-effective solution.

Delivering infrastructure projects, be it a privately financed or a budgetary financed one, is a complex process requiring expert advice.

Investors and funders need to know their money is being invested in projects that offer clear returns and predictable cash flows from appropriate structures.

Gone are the days when Governments and public bodies restrict themselves to their budgets, there is an increased need to develop funding and delivery strategies that attract investment in sustainable infrastructure to deliver economic and social growth. Sponsors, developers and operators, meanwhile, need to choose the right type of capital and financing model to ensure projects or corporate initiatives are affordable, provide value for money and offer a stable, lasting legacy.

Our global team of infrastructure finance advisory experts help clients understand the nature of risk and opportunity in funding, financing and investing in infrastructure and projects across Africa. This ensures that necessary risk mitigation strategies are incorporated in all we do.

DFS Africa is a leading financial advisory firm whose technical advisory services has helped many African countries in the built environment, defence, energy, international development, transport and water sectors, and our activity covers infrastructure and project finance, public finance, and public private partnership (PPP) arrangements.

Our clients receive comprehensive advice on financial, procurement, strategic and public-private partnership issues for large-scale infrastructure projects, providing support from inception to financial close, to help them unlock the full potential offered by the project.

Our infrastructure finance services cover:

  • Market assessment and development
  • Project preparation
  • Project procurement
  • Transaction advisory
  • Monitoring and assurance